Have you ever enjoy yourself sitting around in a beach and singing songs and playing a guitar with your loved ones and have you ever wished or hoped that you were one of them playing this amazing instrument, which is known to be the most famous musical instrument, till now played by thousand of rock bands across the globe stating from the legend Elvis Presley. When we discuss about the kinds of guitars in today’s market, there are actually different kinds of guitars and each have their own sound and genres. If you walk into a guitar store looking for your first guitar to buy, the sales guy will certainly ask you what kind of music you play. Is it jazz, rock, pop or acoustic? The reply to this question will lead the sales guy to suggest you with the right kind of guitar(s)!

If you look at acoustic guitars, you will notice that these kinds of guitars are hollow and they are not amplified by design, when attached to electronic devices, the acoustic signals are passed into an amplifier. The difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar is that you can actually play an acoustic guitar without amplifying the signals and you can get the same basic sounds. In electric guitars, the sounds are thin and the signal is amplified. Here is some more interesting information about guitars.